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DNA Replication Animation

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Mitosis & Cytokinesis:

1.        Chromosomes appear in which stage?



2.        In the video, how many chromosomes did the cell begin within prophase?



3.        In the video, how many chromosomes did the two new cells end with after anaphase?


DNA Replication Fork:

1.        What unwinds the double stranded DNA helix?

Helicase enzyme


2.        In what direction (3’ or 5’) can nucleotides only be added?



3.        What is the difference between the leading strand and lagging strand?

Lagging strand is more complex

Leading strand



How nucleotides are added in DNA Replication (ADVANCE BIOLOGY ONLY): Polymerase enzymes

1.        What is the name of the nucleotides where DNA replication begins?


origin of replication

2.        What unwinds the double stranded DNA helix?

helicase enzyme


3.        Which is the only end DNA polymerase III can add nucleotides to the new strand of DNA?


3′ end of a pre-existing chain of nucleotides

4.        What does the RNA primer (10 nucleotides) do?

constructs a RNA primer

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